2.5/10 This movie bombed at the box office and came and went quicker than Pokémon Go for a reason. Out of every movie I have ever seen in my entire life, this movie may have more coincidences than any other movie ever, which is a really bad thing. I don’t know if the YA novel that this is based on is as poorly written, if just the movie is or both, but the script and end results are atrocious. Even the overall basic plot is pretty bad and tries to be politically relevant but it backfires. The female protagonist and her family are illegal immigrants whom have been in America illegally for nine years. The movie wants us to feel bad that people who have been here so long are getting deported but that just makes me think that they had a full nine years to become legal US citizens and chose not to and then complain when the laws they were knowingly breaking were upheld. So I instantly had no sympathy for her character or family. She also goes from super pessimistic and talks about how she doesn’t believe in love and if it isn’t scientific it can’t exist, blah blah blah. Yet her falling in love with our male protagonist happens in about three hours, which was totally against her character, super rushed and completely unbelievable. There are so many clichés in this story like the Asian parents choosing the career path for their child, even though the child doesn’t want that and instead wants to do something more artistic. Even though that does happen in real life, it has become such an overused, unoriginal trope in movies these days. The soundtrack tried its best to be hip but didn’t fit with the romantic or emotional tone of the movie so it ended up hurting the movie. The overall movie is extremely forgettable, not emotional, super cliché and the only memorable aspect I will never forget is just how many insulting coincidences there are. The only positives I will say are that the acting is passable enough, there is some cool imagery that happens during voiceovers and the running time is two hours but the pacing is well done so you are never bored. All that being said, this is a movie you will definitely want to avoid. There are some great romantic films out there and even some great YA romantic films out there. “Five Feet Apart” came out relatively close to this one and although it had some problems, it was light years ahead of this trash so if you want something new in this wheelhouse, check that out instead. This star is more of a black hole.

#DanielIsMyBae / #TheBigDeport / #BlasianEquation / #ICEAge / #NewYorkShitty / #FamilyThais

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