4.5/10 Some movies are unexpected surprises. Some movies are gigantic letdowns. Other movies are exactly what you would expect them to be. “The Intruder” is in the latter camp. If you have seen the trailer (which gives away a bit too much for my tastes), then you know exactly what you are getting yourself into with this movie. The overall ending result is rather generic and predictable, but luckily this pill is rather easy to swallow and thankfully it has solid pacing due to its manageable running time. In addition to the running time/pacing being strong, the three main actors do a decent job with such a mediocre script. Dennis Quaid is the standout and you can tell he is having fun playing a totally obsessed creeper. The movie is entertaining and there aren’t any really glaring flaws that are totally ridiculous. There was some mystery to the movie and a couple of genuinely suspenseful scenes that stood out to me as having been rather well done. There are several flaws in this movie, but none of them too offensive. Most of the problems with the movie are rather minor but they do add up. Most importantly, the story is pretty familiar and goes a very predictable route. Characters make really stupid decisions and Meagan Good’s kindness devolves into oblivious stupidity by the end of the movie. A subplot involving her husband’s infidelity is touched upon but never explored deeper which is a shame because it could have had the potential for further character development and conflict. The score is forgettable and the soundtrack has a “Fifty Shades of Grey” cheapness to it that is rather embarrassing for a movie with high production values. The movie ends very abruptly and I would have preferred more closure with what comes next but it seemed as if the director was just in a hurry to finish the movie and get paid. Although none of the problems are abashedly insulting to the audience, this movie is just completely mediocre. It doesn’t do anything super bad or super good, it just kind of exists. A cheap rental or stream at most, don’t bother seeking it out in theaters. This movie isn’t worth intruding into, as it is more of a cheap hotel than a luxury home.

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