6/10 My 8th Most Anticipated Film of 2019, “Velvet Buzzsaw” had me very excited to see if writer/director Dan Gilroy would recover from “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” and make something more along the lines of his underrated and fantastic directorial debut, “Nightcrawler”. The end result essentially falls in between the two. “Velvet Buzzsaw” is essentially a run of the mill horror movie with a cliché haunted device that starts killing off people one by one in inexplicable ways. We have seen that general premise in a million horror movies and that lack of originality is what brings this rather predictable movie down a couple of notches. What makes this movie decent though and still worthy of a recommendation if you like horror movies is the cast and setting. In all of the horror movies that share this general plot line, I can’t think of a modern one that has taken place in the realm of high, modern art and the people whom inhabit that world. It is a really refreshing setting that makes the tired premise feel rejuvenated. The characters are often as colorful as the art they are selling and the deaths in the movie are rather memorable. The cast is also fantastic and pretty diverse. I don’t know much about the art world but these characters felt very real to me in how they acted and were portrayed. Having such an A list cast portray everyone makes this movie feel like a prestige picture instead of an independent horror movie. Jake Gyllenhaal continues to be one of the best actors working today, Toni Collette comes off of the best horror film and film in general from last year (“Hereditary”) to continue giving solid performances in horror movies (she was also in “The Sixth Sense”), Zawe Ashton has only had smaller performances but she really shines here since she is given a meatier role, etc. Everyone brings their A game and elevates the material. When all is said and done, the creepy vibes, fantastic cast and original setting makes this artistic endeavor worth checking out but don’t get your hopes up too high as the generic plot and horror clichés are what truly haunt this movie.

#DeaseAndDesist / #SignsOfAnArtAttack / #VoguesGallery / #ArtisticLicenseToKill / #TheSfear / #HazedAndConfused

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