1.5/10 I remember having the misfortune of watching Harmony Korine’s last movie seven years ago when it came out, “Spring Breakers”, because my Selena Gomez crush was enough to get me to the theater. It has been a long seven years since I saw it but I remember thinking it was terrible and a waste of time; full of unlikable characters and a paper thin plot. His next and most recent movie, “The Beach Bum” is more of the same garbage. This is just a movie made for drug addicts/alcoholics by drug addicts/alcoholics. Matthew McConaughey is perfectly cast as the stoner lead but having his character as the lead starts to get grating very quickly. The plot is almost nonexistent and just follows an unlikable moron as he is hammered and high, going from place to place. Korine seems like he asked some Hollywood celebrity friends if they just wanted to pop up for a few scenes in the movie as a favor to him and have a good time filming since most of these characters don’t serve much of a purpose except to kill time. After “Climax” and now this, Vice Studios is intent on making some of the worst movies imaginable, which isn’t a surprise considering how terrible of a company and website Vice is. Even though the movie is only about an hour and a half, it feels longer as we wait for something of substance to happen or to connect with a single character, which we never do. When you watch a modern day music video for a rap video, you will probably see a lot of booze, drugs, money and scantily clad women. This is the feature length equivalent of that. This movie seems like it was just an excuse for the cast and crew to party it up with topless women and get high. As fun as that must have been for them, we as the audience suffer through this juvenile movie that feels like it was made by a horny, high school stoner whom never grew up. The only positive aspects I can say are that McConaughey was tailor made for this lead role and the soundtrack does an overall solid job of setting the tone. With a production budget of $5 million, this stinker has only made just under $3.5 million as of writing this. I hope it loses as much money as possible so people will stop giving one of today’s worst directors more funding for his shallow, stoner filth. You probably have to be high as a kite or completely wasted to get something out of this mess. After this and “Serenity”, McConaughey is not having a good 2019. Don’t be a bum and watch this burnt out bundle of BS.

#TheFloridaReject / #CaptainWackWillGetYouHighTonight / #EveryMoondogHasItsDay / #MinnieSnooper / #TheGreatestBlowman / #OutOfHarmony

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