5/10 As you can tell by the mediocre score that I gave this movie, “Unplanned” follows suit with the works of production company Pure Flix and most other faith based movies in the fact that it is independent, low budget, often a bit cheesy and over the top. However, most of these movies are more about the message than the production value. Although there is a discussion to be had about the subject matter, one cannot ignore the low production value while objectively reviewing this movie. There is also some questionable acting, mainly from the protagonist’s husband. Speaking of the protagonist, it is often hard to root for a character whom is fairly unintelligent and makes a lot of terrible decisions. One could argue that this makes her character arc stronger with all that she goes through, including major life changes, but it doesn’t make her the most likeable lead in a movie I have ever seen. The movie’s villain, Cheryl, is rather cartoonish with how over the top she is portrayed. There is also some narration at the beginning of the film that shows a lack of screenwriting talent and is inconsistent with how often it is used so I was not a fan of that. Despite the typical shortcomings you would expect from this movie that I have laid out, this movie is not without its strengths. This being a true story makes it a rather powerful movie. It is almost hard to believe that someone so deep into Planned Parenthood could leave it and take up the side of its opposition. The lead protagonist’s acting was much stronger than I was expecting and the pacing is really strong, making sure you as an audience member are always interested and never bored. I also liked that they essentially skipped a courtroom battle scene near the end and cut to the chase, which I commend the film makers for. Sadly, most people only like to watch movies that reinforce their beliefs so even though this is a faith based, pro-life movie, I think the pro-abortion people should be the ones to see this, just to get a differing perspective. It may not change their mind and they may brush it off, but at least they would be open to hearing what the other side has to say. I often do this with political documentaries where I completely disagree with the film maker or what the subject matter is but I take pride in watching anything and everything from an opposing viewpoint so I don’t stay in my echo chamber of confirmation bias. This may not be the most well made movie and it has its problems but the subject matter is important and worth a look.

#ThankYouForYourCervix / #UnplannedParenthood / #AbortionContortionArtist / #VacuumLiabilityFor / #BeATermBelieverInSomething / #ProLifeOrSomethingLikeIt

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