6.5/10 “Get Out” came out two years ago and proved that Jordan Peele could make a good (not great) movie and definitely had some intriguing ideas. Going from the comedy of Key & Peele and the horrendous “Keanu” to three horror related projects in a row (“The Twilight Zone” being the third) seemed strange but has been a welcome addition. Anticipation was high for this follow up to his Oscar winner and by the end we have a pretty mixed bag that is decent but ultimately falls short of “Get Out”. There are a lot of great aspects to respect about “Us” (something I could never say to my ex-girlfriend). For starters, there are some great performances, especially from our leading lady and Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o. The performances across the board are great, but hers stands out. The score is also fantastic and really does a fantastic job setting the creepy vibes up. From a technical stand point, this movie hits all its marks. The cinematography, editing, production and costume design all do their jobs and there isn’t anything to complain about. Another stand out strength is the movie’s two child actors, Nyong’o’s son and daughter. The vast majority of movies that have child characters are really annoying or completely useless and stupid (see every “Jurassic Park” movie for example) but the two child characters in this movie serve a purpose, are useful and don’t annoy us, which is a breath of fresh air. All of this movie’s problems fall upon the script, clichés, plot holes, unanswered questions, things that don’t make sense, inconsistencies, etc. Since all of that comes from the script, all of those flaws fall upon Peele. As for the clichés we have otherwise intelligent characters making really stupid decisions (Nyong’o’s character gets out of the family car in the woods to investigate, which was really unnecessary and stupid and a smart child character doesn’t scream or yell for his family when he is abducted) and the age old horror cliché of thinking a character is dead/has been defeated only to have that character pop back up to scare us and keep fighting. Peele used that cliché at the end of “Get Out” twice and brings it back here. There are also inconsistencies with the tethered. Sometimes they have to mimic and do exactly what their soul filled human counterparts are doing on the surface but other times they can break free and do their own thing, like plan an attack on everyone on the surface. So which is it? Are they in control of their actions or do they have to mimic their counterparts? This is never explained. Also never explained are questions like how they have never been discovered, where all the rabbits (their food) come from/who takes care of them, where they get the exact clothing their counterparts have, how the military/National Guard would have been everywhere taking care of the tethered very easily (military power vs scissors), etc. There is even a character that starts walking backwards above ground and his tethered does the same thing. Why doesn’t this happen to other characters? Seems way too convenient. Even the twist at the end I saw coming at the opening flashbacks not based off what they showed us or gave away, but what they didn’t show us. In the beginning since they weren’t showing what happened with the little girls and kept cutting away, I figured there was only one possible thing that could have happened and I was correct. The twist also raises other inconsistencies and questions that have no answers or make no sense but I won’t go into spoilers here. Overall, the movie entertains and is well made and worth a viewing but don’t get your hopes up that Peele is the next John Carpenter or Wes Craven. He still has a long way to go.

#BlandAcrossAmerica / #TetherUnderground / #ThisIsUsTheMovie / #BetterDeadThanRed / #GoKillYourself / #DoADoubleTake

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