2/10 I gave the first “Happy Death Day” a 2.5/10 and commented on how truly awful it was. So it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one that this follow up is not only just as awful, but slightly worse than its predecessor. Even though the first movie owed a lot to “Groundhog’s Day”, at least it tried to be a different, clever spin on that film. Now that the novelty has worn off and they can’t just repeat themselves in this movie, this sequel gets so bogged down in the time travel/parallel dimensions/science mumbo jumbo aspects of itself that it eliminates any and all potential fun. Right as the movie starts we are subjected to blatant vehicular product placement and an extremely over the top tone (I am pretty sure homeless people hoping to ask for some change don’t hide in bushes and then jump out to ask people). The script has many terrible lines of dialogue and is completely cliché and uninspired. As if stealing from “Groundhog’s Day” for the premise of the first movie wasn’t enough, this sequel now rips off the suicide montage from “Groundhog’s Day”, except with suicides that are either exactly from “Groundhog’s Day” like electrocution in the bathtub or jumping off of a building, suicides that don’t make sense (no skydiving company would not have you strapped in with your parachute before going onto your plane and I am pretty sure they wouldn’t use military aircrafts either) and finally randomly stealing the Gwen Stacy bell tower death scene from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. It is painfully evident that this movie has no original ideas, steals from much better films and continues to reference those much better films. The ending is also really stupid, including a post credits scene that is completely out of character for everyone involved and the character of the dean is maybe the dumbest character put to celluloid in years in how poorly written he is, over the top his acting is and eye rollingly stupid and unrealistic his actions are. Even the movie’s score is noticeably bad and uninspired. Characters make such dumb decisions which makes it hard to even care about them. Another solid performance from Jessica Rothe as our main protagonist and some improved emotional aspects involving her parents and love life can’t save this horrible movie. Like the repeated death of characters in this movie, this franchise just needs to die.

#IdClimbThatTree / #OneTreeKill / #ParallelTwoDimentionalCharacters / #PlotClubTimeMaDean / #MotherOfTheDied / #TreeFallin

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