3/10 Being kidnapped would be awful but being kidnapped and then forced to watch this movie every day…just kill me now. It is hard to think of the positive elements in such a cliché, poorly written film so I will try to muster the darkest depths of my memory to think of what works in this movie. I guess I could say that the running time and pacing make this gigantic pill a little easier to swallow. The movie moves quickly and even though the movie is predictable, we don’t have to wait long for our predictions to be realized. The score also has a few good numbers, even though they are fairly forgettable. The cinematography and editing serve their purpose. Those minor victories aside, this movie is a disaster. From the get go, this is a story we have seen before in other films (it has shades of “Misery” which is a vastly superior film) and we know exactly how the movie is going to escalate until the predictable end. I always have a hard time sympathizing for characters (especially when it is the lead character) when they make the dumbest decisions possible. Our main character gets stalked but never blocks her stalker’s phone number and then feels bad when she has 83 missed calls that wake her up at night and an ungodly amount of text messages. After an attack, our main character makes the cliché mistake of thinking her enemy has been defeated, only to have the enemy pop back up and strike back. It is a really lazy and predictable trope and this movie falls right into it a couple times. I try to never give spoilers in my reviews but what happens at the end is extremely ridiculous and out of character for our main protagonist. A reveal at the end we see coming from a mile away. The protagonist’s roommate has some pretty bad lines of dialogue and is very unlikable until the last two minutes. A subplot with the protagonist’s father has no weight or emotion behind it, even though it halfheartedly tries to. The coworkers of the protagonist are truly awful people and the manager in particular flat out lies about not being able to kick someone out of a restaurant just because they have a reservation. She doesn’t have a single friend whom she works with who could maybe walk her home or make sure she gets there ok and I just didn’t buy any of it. I would say the direction is mediocre but then there is this dream sequence chain of events that felt so cheap and out of left field so now I can’t even claim the direction is mediocre. I could go on about so many stupid plot points, clichés we have seen done better in superior films and just how truly uninspired this movie is, but just take my word for it not to waste your time with this and be careful when befriending creepy old ladies.

#YoullReGretaWatchingThis / #StrangerDangerThings / #ItsMyChickInABox / #AFallFromChloeGrace / #BadIDeas / #FakeAccentRealPianoAccent

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