4.5/10 The first Lego movie was a little overrated in my book but a refreshing spin on animated movies with some lovable characters and an…awesome…theme song. “The Lego Batman Movie” is the best out of all of these Lego movies and even though “The Lego Ninjago Movie” was very mediocre, there were emotional elements to appreciate. After three movies we have this one and it feels like these Lego movies are starting to wear out their welcome and diminishing box office returns provide validity to that point. This movie does a few things right. The voice cast continues to be great, the animation is clever and expertly…constructed, there are several songs that are super fun and catchy and a couple clever one liners. However, all that isn’t enough to make up for the negatives, of which there are quite a few. For starters, “Catchy Song” is really weak compared to “Everything is Awesome” and a couple of the good songs had sound mixing issues so it was hard to understand all of the words over the music and what was going on in the movie. The biggest issue is the overall story and script. Despite a couple clever one liners, they seem to be running out of material as overall this movie is a lot less fresh/clever than previous entries. This movie also seems like it is ADD as it shoves so much movement, action, color and sound into your face at once. At times it is edited like a Jason Bourne movie with its MTV style quick cuts which didn’t work in those movies and it doesn’t work in this one either. The movie seems jumbled, incoherent and all over the place as it switched between one too many subplots, not giving your senses time to rest and figure out what exactly is happening. Children will love how zany and rambunctious it is but it doesn’t work for adults looking for some levity to equate to the fun. The movie is also overall forgettable compared to the first movie and some of the story elements trip up on clichés. Despite having elements to admire, a catchy soundtrack and excellent voice work paired with eye popping animation, the story/plot, ADD incoherence, lack of humor and a running time that drags on 15 minutes too long really makes me think they have run out of ideas for these movies and when it comes to this franchise I think it is time to…LEGO.

#LegoOfThePast / #GuyLoveLucy / #BennyFromTheBlock / #EmmettingEmotions / #TheYoungerGames / #ParksAndWreck

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