7.5/10 There hasn’t been a decent spoof movie in years and although this isn’t a spoof in the way that “Scary Movie” is considered a spoof movie, this film does spoof the entire romantic comedy genre but not by mocking specific scenes from specific movies but instead making light of all of the clichés that come with romantic comedies these days. The overall story borrows a little bit from other films and the “love yourself” message is rather cheesy and has been done before but overall this film has a great time taking other romantic comedies and pointing out the common themes that get repeated over and over while making fun of them. I genuinely found myself laughing out loud at a couple scenes, which is rare for me to do in any movie so I give it points for that. The cast is also great and having a ton of fun while sharing some great chemistry. It was nice having a “Pitch Perfect” reunion with Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine and thankfully we even get to see them singing and dancing again. The movie is predictable (as the vast majority of romantic comedies are) but doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some clever one liners in the script. I appreciated the fact that they even took some of the cliché editing and cinematography signature moves from other romantic comedies and put them into here. Director Todd Strauss-Schulson watched every romantic comedy film made between 1988 and 2007 to prepare for this film and doing his homework really paid off. I wish the end credits song and dance number would have been better (the cast dancing is fun but the song itself is a rather weak note to go out on) but the idea behind it was well intentioned and seeing Liam Hemsworth fake play the saxophone was pretty amusing. Overall the film does a great job using cheesy romantic songs from other comedies to comedic effect and the vast majority of jokes either land or are at least amusing enough to make you smile. The film may fall into the very traps that it makes fun of but at a time where most romantic comedies are pretty garbage (I’m looking at you, “Crazy Rich Asians”), this fun filled comedy romp will definitely keep you entertained and put a smile on your face.

#WittyWoman / #GoToNatForSomeone / #HeartBlaker / #BlakeAndJosh / #FlameOverMan / #CanIGetYourMusicalNumber

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