3.5/10 One scene in this movie involves Hailee Steinfeld hiding in a dumpster. The dumpster gets hit by a missile and catches on fire. That image of a literal dumpster fire is a great analogy for this movie, which sadly, is still the “best” movie in the “Transformers” franchise since the original. Before I explain why this movie is awful, I will give credit where credit is due. Unlike the past four “Transformers” movies, this movie is not bloated or overlong. The past few movies approached three painful hours where this one comes in at just under two hours. So the pacing is fine and I was never bored like I have been in previous movies. Hailee Steinfeld is a very likeable lead whom does the best with what she is given. Lastly, the special effects continue to be very well done and this has the best/most fun soundtrack out of any movie in the entire franchise. It isn’t just Bumblebee “speaking” either, the songs that play over the movie are some great 80s classics. That is where the positives end. The opening battle scene thrusts you into a Transformers battle but it is so chaotic and you don’t know who is who so you have no idea who you are rooting for or what it is that you are actually watching. It also holds no emotional weight if someone gets defeated because it is the opening scene and characters haven’t been established yet. There are some truly cringe worthy scenes, particularly featuring any and every scene with the military. The military scenes are unrealistic, every word of dialogue that comes out of John Cena’s mouth is painfully awful and poorly written, characters in the military treat each other in a completely unbelievable fashion, etc. Our main protagonist, Charlie, has a family and all of the brother and parental scenes are awful as they try to inject humor but fail. Bumblebee is called a “genius” for figuring out how to communicate and is also a great fighter, yet is reduced to a…bumbling…moron when wreaking havoc inside Charlie’s house for failed comedic effect. The transition of Charlie’s token friend from breaking into her garage unannounced to best friends is nonexistent. There are many, many problems and the movie actually gets worse as it goes along. This franchise wore out its welcome three movies ago yet Hollywood sadly is still churning them out. Do yourself a favor and transform into someone who doesn’t watch crap like this.

#CyberTronLegacy / #DecepticonArtist / #RumbleInTheBumble / #MusicByTheCars / #TheDivingBelleAndTheBumbleGuy / #BumbleBeeKeeper

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