6.5/10 This horror movie was simultaneously what I expected it to be and also unexpected at the same time…and that is mostly a good thing. Allow me to explain. “The Prodigy” falls into the creepy kid subgenre of horror movies that we have seen in many films such as “The Boy”, “The Exorcist”, “Children of the Corn”, etc. Where this movie stumbles is that it does follow the clichés of some of those movies and other horror movies in general. For example, we have the child torturing animals before moving onto human victims, we have some cheap jump scares, familiar musical cues, flies letting us know that something nearby is dead/rotting (despite the obvious flaw that if something is dead and decaying in your basement, there wouldn’t be a ton of flies upstairs, they would all be on what is dead/decaying AND the fact that all the windows and doors are closed so how did the flies even get in?), etc. These clichés, some terrible decision making on behalf of characters and the fact that if you think about why the child is acting the way he is, some of his decisions don’t make logical sense, hinder the movie. Those flaws aside, one thing NOT cliché about the movie that I assumed would be is how the movie ends. Since there were some predictable, cliché aspects, I assumed that the ending would follow suit but the best part of the movie is that its ending is ballsy and daring. It doesn’t play it safe but instead goes off in a different direction. Without giving anything away, I also really enjoyed what the explanation was for why the kid acted the way he did. Most movies about creepy kids go for the demon possession explanation but this movie tries something different and it pays off. The acting is what you would expect from a horror movie, nothing Oscar worthy but enough to get by and do the job. There is a genuinely creepy vibe that lingers throughout the movie that makes you feel unsettled the entire time and I loved that. Overall this isn’t a horror classic that offers a lot of new ideas but the gutsy ending and overall execution help you forget about some of the clichés we have seen before. If you keep your expectations in check, there is some fun to be had with “The Prodigy”.

#TheXMiles / #HandJobs / #EveryDogHasItsPrey / #ASightForGoreEyes / #WhatInReincarnation / #EvilWrenchman

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