7.5/10 I hadn’t heard much about this film outside of hearing that Nicole Kidman gives a fantastic performance. I like that I didn’t know much going into this film so that the storyline remained a mystery to me. The highlights of the film definitely do include Kidman’s transformative performance. You completely forget it is her as soon as the film starts so you don’t just see it as a Nicole Kidman vehicle. One of the best aspects of the story is how the timeline jumps around. It isn’t told chronologically and the way that director Karyn Kusama uses time to accentuate the tension is brilliantly done. The editing matches perfectly with this mission and brings some speed to the film after a slightly slow start. The plot is rather simple but still interesting enough to keep you on edge and waiting to see what unfolds next. I was surprised to see some familiar faces in the supporting cast as well whom all bring their A game. Some character actors only show up for one scene but they leave their mark on the film. Despite being a rather sunny city with bright colors, the LA of this film is lit fairly dark to match the tone and mood of the film, which works well. There are not that many negatives aspects of this film but there are a couple minor ones. Although the story is engaging it is not the most original one we have ever seen. The film has some slower moments in the first half as we set up the story. It is also a little hard to believe the fact that Nicole Kidman’s character would not get fired from her job as a detective as she shows up to crime scenes hungover, skips work for days on end to deal with her personal vendetta and doesn’t respond to superiors trying to get a hold of her. Finally, due to the story not being the most original ever, it isn’t the most memorable film out there. That being said, Kidman’s performance will stay with you and there is an emotional aspect to the film dealing with Kidman’s daughter that brings some emotional weight to the film. Director Kusama had a rocky start to her directorial career but after having done some work in television, she seems to have definitely gotten better with age and if she keeps going down this path, I will be excited to see what she comes up with next.

#GravedByTheBell / #JoyErased / #BeforeIGoToReap / #CruelAndTheGang / #UndercoverMother / #LAEvidential

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