3/10 This might be the record for the number of times I said, “WTF?!” out loud to myself in a theater while watching a movie. This movie is insane and no one will see the twist coming until it happens and you say, “WAH?!” to yourself. First off, if you watch the trailer you will have an idea of what the movie is about. Now throw that all out the window because the advertising and marketing for this movie couldn’t be more dishonest with what the movie is actually about. I won’t give away what the twist is or what the movie is actually about (where would the fun in that be?) but suffice to say, this movie takes a chance and is original which I will give it credit for. Unfortunately, the execution falls completely flat. What baffles me is that the film has a great cast and the man who wrote and directed it is extremely talented and has written and/or directed some great films/shows like “Eastern Promises”, “Taboo”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Locke” and more. So it is very surprising to see him come up with such a ridiculous idea for a movie and have the studio and all these Oscar winning actors sign on for this. Matthew McConaughey’s yells in this movie gave me PTSD flashbacks to Nicolas Cage yelling in “The Wicker Man” which may be comedic but is also extremely embarrassing. None of these actors perform well but that is most likely due to the script. McConaughey screams at the sky, Jason Clarke is drunk the entire time, Anne Hathaway’s job is to have more sex than personality and Jeremy Strong comes off as a sex offender/creepy uncle that is banned from within 200 yards of a school. There are clues sprinkled throughout the movie as to what the reveal is but once the reveal happens and you think about it, they still don’t make much sense. There is also a decent amount of sex in the film, including McConaughey basically being a hooker for Diane Lane when he needs extra cash, which when the plot twist is revealed, just comes across as super creepy and problematic. Speaking of Diane Lane, besides getting banged by McConaughey, her character serves absolutely no purpose and the movie wouldn’t change in the slightest if you cut her completely out of the movie. The only positives I can say is that the movie did take a huge risk (even if it came up short), some of the score works (even though I detected shades of the “American Beauty” score at times) and the movie is fun to laugh at and be bewildered by what the Hell is going on. This movie will go down as career lows for all involved because of how weird, strange, out of left field and ridiculous this is. I almost want to recommend it just so everyone can lose their minds at how insane this movie is but if you are looking for actual quality, you’ll want to avoid getting catfished by this movie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

#ReadyPlayerChum / #ManOfReel / #HookerLineStinker / #Interwebstellar / #BettaTesting / #OceansBait

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