8/10 Academy Award winner for Best Documentary this awards season, I had to go see what the hype was all about. A lot of the times just because a film is nominated, or even wins an Oscar, doesn’t mean the film is all that good. In fact, recent winners seem to have gotten worse and worse. So you never know what to expect while watching a film nominated for an Academy Award. Luckily I can say that “Free Solo” lives up to the hype and its nomination/win. As someone who can count the number of times he has rock climbed/discovered how out of shape he is on one hand, I would say I am not expert on rock climbing or free soloing (rock climbing with no ropes/harness for protection if you fall). So it is always fascinating to learn more about a new subject such as this, especially when it is presented in such a fascinating and entertaining way. We as the audience gets to learn about all the mental and physical preparation that goes into attempting to do something that no one has ever done in the history of mankind, which is fascinating. If you don’t know how insanely dangerous free soloing is period, let alone to free solo El Capitan, you will after having seen this film. Most documentaries never interview the film makers or cinematographers, but due to the subject matter and involvement, directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi wisely decide to do so. We also get to know our protagonist Alex Honnold and see the type of personality it takes to become obsessed with this endeavor. We see him in his emotionless Mark Zuckerbergian state and his girlfriend, whom provides some much needed emotion to and for him, even if she can sometime be a negative hindrance on him and his goal. The score is completely underrated and extremely well done and even more impressive is the sweeping cinematography which really puts into perspective how monumental of a task this is, making the feat even more impressive than it already is. I have much more respect now than I already did for people whom rock climb and in particular, free solo and this is definitely a film worth checking out that any fan of film, nature or human accomplishments will get a lot out of. Simply and punnily put…this film rocks.

#Rockumentary / #CameoByDwayneTheRockJohnson / #PitchPerfect / #EndsOnALiteralCliffHanger / #ElCapitanAmericaWinterShoulder / #DontTakeThisFilmForGranite

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