6/10 As someone whose family did foster care for a decade and is also very passionate about adoption, this movie intrigued me. Perhaps the best aspect of the movie is that it brings so much awareness to foster care and adoption, even ending with a website and information that you can look up to learn more. The cast is great, the message is strong and there are some genuinely strong emotional moments that will tug on your heartstrings, especially if you have a heart for adoption, foster care or children in general. However, this movie still definitely has problems that ultimately will make it worth a rental but not a must see in theaters. There are some really eye rolling, cheesy moments. Moments that are completely unrealistic that go way over the top for the sake of comedy but that aren’t funny. Mayhem and havoc that happens in the house gave me PTSD flashbacks to the 2003 “Cheaper by the Dozen” remake. Comedic moments falling flat, going on too long or just trying too hard is probably the biggest problem with the movie. Joan Cusack cameos at the end of the movie but her role is creepy and cringe worthy in how unfunny it is. There is definitely a Hollywood formula on display here including a really cheesy ending and a judge doing something that no judge has done or ever would do. There is a little bit of a political agenda behind the movie which I wasn’t crazy about but that you would expect from a current Hollywood movie these days. There is also a little product placement which I will never be a fan of. All that being said, despite the problems with ridiculous situations, overall cheesiness and failed attempts at humor, this movie does have a lot of heart to it. Our two adult co-leads fit into their roles perfectly and I have always thought that Rose Byrne is an extremely underrated talent who can crush dramatic and comedic roles. The pacing of the movie is great and the message behind the movie is even stronger so when this comes out on video and to streaming services, give it a chance but know that just like a foster child, it is going to have some issues but you still will enjoy it.

#BestAdoptedScreenplay / #MusicByFosterThePeople / #BoogerNights / #Inkidious / #TheShapeOfDaughter / #ExtremeMakeoverDaddysHomeEdition

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