3/10 It is hard to find a starting place on where to dissect this movie. I guess with this review I should, like the film, start in the beginning. The beginning of this film really intrigued me and had me very interested as to what was going on and what was going to unfold. I have a huge crush on Anna Kendrick (and more importantly she has acting chops) and it is good to see the slightly underrated Blake Lively, another actress who is easy on the eyes. The costume design and soundtrack with its French songs had me sucked in from the start. Blake Lively’s character had some funny lines and moments in how crass and crudely honest she was, which I appreciated. That is where the positives end because after the first half an hour, the further the story moves along, the more ridiculous, stupid and insulting this movie becomes. Without going into spoilers, the plot not only tries (and fails) to be “Gone Girl” to a certain degree, but just gets more unbelievable and ridiculous with each passing scene until the final climax that was not only impossibly eye rollingly stupid, but destroyed any shred of quality the movie had remaining. The movie had tonal issues too as it didn’t know if it wanted to be a comedy, a murder mystery, a buddy movie or something else. The tones clash too hard for any of them to work. The police officers in the film act unrealistically and a casual questioning turns quickly into what an actual investigator would do in an interrogation room. Questions have answers that don’t make sense and when one character is out in hiding, that character does a terrible job of flying under the radar and would have surely been discovered much earlier. Supporting characters like the parents of other school kids are two dimensional jokes that are very poorly written. Songs from the soundtrack do their job but the actual score falls flat. If you are going to steal from “Gone Girl”, it probably isn’t wise to also take its score and rip that off too, which this movie does as a few songs from the score deeply mimic “Gone Girl”. I don’t buy character’s transformations and the sex in this movie isn’t erotic at all and only put in to be edgy, not because it suits the story or is well filmed. Henry Golding of “Crazy Rich Asians” is the male lead in this and after these two movies, he really needs to fire his agent because these are two of the worst movies of the year. Director Paul Feig’s first foray into drama is a complete disaster and it seems his career is on the downward spiral. Here is to hoping he makes something funny like “Bridesmaids” again and steers clear of poorly written stinkers like this. Do yourself a simple favor and don’t watch this movie.

#YawnGirl / #BitchPerfect / #TheAgeOfAdderall / #GettingVloggedDown / #SisterHacked / #CrazyBitchCaucasians

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