8.5/10 After revisiting every film in this series I have to say that this franchise is a unique one. It is almost nonexistent that a franchise gets better with each passing film (with the exception of the second film being worse than the first) but these movies manage to do that, more or less. Since the third film, each movie has improved upon the last, switching up directors for each film. This is the first time that they have repeated the writer/director, opting to stick with the previous film’s director Christopher McQuarrie, whom Cruise has worked with several times now. As for this film specifically, it is pretty amazing that at age 56, Tom Cruise can do the stunts that he performs in this film. The action is very well done and one bathroom fight scene in particular, was the best action scene in the film. I loved how they tied back to the last film and also back to the third film by bringing Ethan Hunt’s wife back into the mix. If this is the last film in this franchise (it probably won’t be), it ended on a near perfect note, story line wise. As bummed as I was about Jeremy Renner not being in the film due to scheduling conflicts, they did a good job of using other supporting characters so well that we kind of forget about him. For a film that clocks in at about two and a half hours, this film also has some fantastic pacing where we are entertained and enthralled the entire time and not once checking our watches wondering how much longer the film will last. The cinematography during action scenes is very well done and there is no quick cut editing garbage to butcher the film. Despite how great the film is, it does come with its flaws. There is one reveal regarding a character and discovering where their true loyalties lie that is revealed to the audience way too early. If they would have waited until our heroes and villains found out in the film and delayed the reveal, it would have made it much more impactful and emotional. Also, during the end action scene there is a helicopter hanging from a hook at one point and as the scene goes on, it gets more over the top, unbelievable and ridiculous. It didn’t ruin the scene or climax for me but it was a bit eye rolling and worth noting in an otherwise fairly believable film. Minor complaints aside, it is amazing how this franchise continues to raise the bar with these last two installments being extremely strong and this ranks up there with “Deadpool 2” and “Ready Player One” for this year’s best action film. Definitely check it out!

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