3.5/10 I had never seen the original “Mamma Mia” movie but I am a huge fan of musicals and enjoy several of Abba’s songs so I figured I would check out the original before I visited this sequel. One aspect of many musicals is how over the top cheesy they can be. Characters break the fourth wall to wink at the audience or sing directly to them. Although I am very aware of this and have even enjoyed it, these movies just go way too over the top. I feel like there was a line that was crossed where they just said, “Let’s make this as cheesy, over the top, ridiculous, silly, etc. as possible.” For me, it was too much. One of the biggest problems with this movie is that almost the entire cast can’t sing. Amanda Seyfried is the most talented singer but we have known that since the first film and into “Les Miserables”. Lily James has a decent voice too which was a pleasant surprise but that is where the singing talent ends. None of the male singers are any good, nor are any of the other female singers. One of my biggest complaints with the first movie that continues here (although it is slightly improved upon) is the choreography. The first movie’s choreography is so simple and basic, it looks and feels like the moves I was doing in high school show choir. The choreography is slightly better here but still very much lacking compared to most mainstream musicals. I guess that’s what you get when you hire non-singers and non-dancers to sing and dance. In terms of the plot, there are also some major issues. The first movie had a more interesting plot because we were trying to figure out who Sophie’s father was and having all three men thinking that they are the father. There was some mystery and humor that arose from the plot. This plot jumps back and forth between present day and young Meryl Streep’s character. The flashbacks with Lily James as the young Streep were far more entertaining and interesting than when it cut back to the modern day bore of trying to open up a hotel and throw a party. The movie’s pacing and excitement was drastically cut down when the movie flashed back to the present day. The overall production value is better in this movie than in the first one and the movie is entertaining. The first movie had the benefit of picking Abba’s best songs and so the songs here are the B side tracks. The best songs are the ones that are repeated from the first movie. That’s not to say that none of the newer songs are solid, they just aren’t nearly as good as the first movie’s songs. If you don’t mind how stupidly cheesy this movie is, how generic the choreography is, how the plot isn’t anything exciting, etc. and just want to be entertained and hear some decent music sung by bad voices, this is the movie for you. Otherwise, go rewatch a real musical like “La La Land” or “West Side Story”.

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