6/10 Not to be confused with a potential “Family Guy” spinoff, this shark movie is smart in doing one thing: not trying to be “Jaws”. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously and instead wants to add some humor and fun to a genre that has been done to death. In doing so and taking this lighter hearted approach, this movie succeeds. That is not to say this movie doesn’t have problems (it certainly does and I will get into them) but by keeping a playful tone and allowing itself to go over the top, it sets certain expectations, which was a wise move for the film makers here. Jason Statham takes a break from beating the crap out of multiple henchmen to attempt to beat the crap out of a shark. What some might see as miscasting, I actually enjoyed Statham’s stoic performance and you could tell the cast was having a fun time. As I mentioned before, there definitely are a good number of negative aspects in this film. I believe the film tries to convince us that the shark is dead, only to bring it back at least three times in this film. Once can be seen as a surprise plot twist (that doesn’t happen to be original at all) but once they do it too many times, it just becomes predictable, frustrating and insulting to the viewer’s intelligence. There is an Asian woman whose daughter is with her in the entire film and after the shark is set lose, the smart thing to do would have been to helicopter the daughter to land and get her to safety but instead, to create unnecessary tension, the terrible mother has her daughter stay out in the ocean the entire time which puts her in dead last in the running for Mother of the Year award. Supporting characters don’t have any real development and are only there to act as shark bait. Ruby Rose I think has actually gotten slightly worse as an actress over time. Rainn Wilson’s billionaire character puts himself in harm’s way unnecessarily too and for his cowardly character, it just makes no sense and isn’t consistent in any way. Finally, the shark itself will quickly go after anything and everything in the water to devour but when it comes across a multitude of people in the ocean just off of a beach, it takes its sweet time before attacking anyone, also making its actions very inconsistent for the sake of the plot. All complaints aside though, the pacing is great and the movie certainly is very entertaining and fun. You will want to turn off your brain and keep your expectations low, but if you do so, you just might find yourself having a swimmingly good time.

#MegalodonOfTheDead / #NotOscarBait / #ItsAlwaysDarkestBeforeTheMegalodon / #TheBaitOfTheFurious / #LiterallyJumpingTheShark / #KillerSharkElite

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