7/10 Political documentaries are always a mixed bag. A left or right leaning film maker has an objective and will portray and edit their film however they see fit to get across their respective narrative. Michael Moore on the left side of the spectrum I think actually started out as a pretty decent film maker, despite me having nothing in common with him politically. Lately, he has turned to trash and his most recent films don’t even show a shred of talent; only bias. I actually think Dinesh D’Souza, whom made this film and is on the right side of the political spectrum, has gotten slightly more talented as his film making career has progressed. I doubt any liberals will see this movie since most people stay in their political bubbles and don’t like hearing what the other side has to say (I am the opposite, hence why I go see Michael Moore movies) but I would encourage anyone into politics to see this movie. I overall enjoyed D’Souza’s previous film, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” but like most conservative (or religious) films, I found it to be cheesy in some respects and strayed slightly from the subject matter. This film has a couple of those same problems. The film lacks focus when it shifts from its main narrative and there are some cheesy moments (a full on gospel choir singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” may sound beautiful but wastes time and in no way serves the overall story). However, there is a focus on history and WWII in particular that was very educational and that the film’s trailer didn’t even reveal would be a part of the film so I found that to be a pleasant surprise. I wish the film could have interviewed more people from the opposition (D’Souza’s interview with Richard Spencer is one of the film’s highlights due to its tension) but the production values are slightly higher than his previous films, the historical aspects are very informative, the interviews are very diverse and there is even a good bit of humor at the beginning of the film. It may have problems and I am sure anyone on the left will disregard it without even watching it but if politics interests you then I suggest you watch films like this as well as films from the left and get out of your safe, little bubbles to hear some differing ideas once in a while.

#BattleHymnOfTheDemocraticRepublic / #DSouzaPhoneAFriend / #PresiBentOutOfShape / #TrumpedUpKicks / #PoliticsMeOff / #SavedByTheLibertyBell

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