9/10 Due to the restricted free time I have these days, I have to be slightly more selective with which films I go see. It is rare that I see documentaries in theaters these days. Not because I don’t desire to (I do) but because there aren’t as many mainstream ones in theaters. More and more acclaimed documentaries are headed to Netflix than to your local theater. Yet it was this film that caught my eye, not only due to its availability in theater but also because it has been getting rave reviews. I had heard amazing things about this film and after having seen it I can agree that this is easily one of the best films of 2018. Fred Rogers is an extremely rare and fascinating individual and I am honestly surprised it took so long to get a documentary about him made. He was the unlikeliest of stars and he had such a huge heart for not only children, but adults as well. This documentary excels by covering such a wide range and timespan on Rogers’ life and being fascinating the entire time. The information and footage and interviews that the film makers chose to use is near perfect and it keeps you fascinated the entire time. I learned so much about a man that I only knew the basics of and this film made me an even bigger fan. The emotional aspect of this film is also the strongest out of any film so far in 2018. I cried during three separate scenes due to how heart breakingly beautiful this film and Mr. Rogers was. His legacy of kindness and goodness is something that should be embraced, remembered and cherished and despite him not being around anymore, he is the perfect kind of role model that everyone could use today. The questions they chose to ask the people whom worked with him and his family members were well selected and the editing was fantastic. A well done documentary covers interesting subject matter in a unique way, holds your attention the entire time and simultaneously takes you on an emotional journey by which at the end you are more well educated on the said topic. This film does all of that and so much more and I couldn’t recommend this film more highly to a wider audience. I’m excited for the live action drama about his life (Mr. Rogers to be played by Tom Hanks) but it will have a hard time topping this heartwarming, must see film.

#DawnOfTheFred / #PhantomFred / #NeighborOfLove / #BozyInTheNeighborhood / #RightInTheMcFeelys / #PoppinTrolley

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