8/10 Although the trailers for this film looked entertaining and the fact that this is based upon a true story had me excited to check this out, I had heard some underwhelming buzz from some people who had seen this before I did. Luckily I can say that they were wrong and this is a very enjoyable film. The fact that this story is true is insane and surprisingly heartfelt. One of the strongest aspects of this film is the chemistry and emotional connection these friends have had from childhood into adulthood. The game of tag has kept them together and in each other’s lives and their friendships, from the fights to the laughter, felt very genuine and had heart. It also helped that this film is very funny. Jake Johnson’s character in particular was the most politically incorrect one of the group and a lot of his lines are things I have thought myself and may or may not have the balls to say in real life. The group is dynamic and all bring something to the table. Jeremy Renner definitely steals the show though and provided the film’s biggest laughs with how seriously he took the game. The level of which he takes the game and how creative and twisted he is willing to be in order to not get tagged is the stuff of legend. Even the tagging scenes themselves are shot very artistically and is reminiscent of Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” films or Zack Snyder’s action style. I loved that some of the film’s jokes were pretty dark and tackled certain subject matter that most films wouldn’t have the stones to make fun of, for fear of offending people. The real life footage at the end of the film was also hilarious and pretty heartwarming stuff. It isn’t often that a comedy can be dark, twisted and crude and still tug on your heartstrings with some emotional depth. The biggest complaint I had was with the female character played by Annabelle Wallis who is the reporter researching the group and their game of tag. The problem is that she has nothing to do throughout the film and is only there to ask questions so the group of guys can provide exposition to the audience. She is there to ask the questions that we as the audience would have but other than generating exposition, she serves no purpose and is completely wasted. Luckily, the underrated and hilarious Isla Fisher plays a great role and proves that she is one of the funniest females in Hollywood. The soundtrack is also very catchy and suits the film well, adding an element of enjoyment to the film. There are other minor complaints (a few jokes go on too long and overstay their welcome, killing the original joke) but overall this is a really funny film that will remind you that even as an adult, it can still be ok to act like a kid to keep your friendships going strong.

#JonHammingItUp / #ITChapter2 / #GameToFame / #NowYouFleeMe / #TheYoungerGamesMockingJake / #BobTaget / #HashTAGs

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