7.5/10 This film’s trailer looked pretty average. We have seen many lost at sea, ship wrecked and natural disaster type movies before from “The Perfect Storm” to “The White Squall” to “Cast Away” and everything in between. We’ve even seen co-star Sam Claflin on stormy seas before in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” although his role in this film is much better. That all being said, this film pleasantly surprised me in its (for once…no pun intended) depth. The film tells a pretty normal survival story but the script adds a plot device that, when discovered, really throws you for a loop and is quite creative. Without it, the story wouldn’t have been cinematic enough to warrant being adapted from the book it is based upon. The acting is also very well done here. The cast stays small and although Sam Claflin is pretty limited due to the injury he sustains in the film, the real star here is Shailene Woodley, whom does a tremendous job with the wide range of emotions she portrays. The fact that this story is true makes it all the more interesting and drew me in further. The editing is nonlinear which also really makes the film stand out and saves it from being generically composed. The score, cinematography and visuals all do their job and although they are nothing Oscar worthy, they accomplish what they need to. We emotionally bond with these two characters, even though what we know about them is limited and that shows the strength of the direction on display here. The films problems are all relatively minor. The film does drag a little bit in certain places and when the film cuts back and forth between timelines, the amount of time it spends in each section can be a bit uneven. This also lacks some of the visual flair other survival stories have like Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”. That being said, this film surprised me and took what looked like a generic story and made me really care for the characters and threw in a plot device which really lured me in. You may shed a tear or two, but book a trip on a cruise to see this film.

#CastAndInjuriousTahitiAdrift / #OnDangerTides / #TheHungerPainsCatchingDire / #SeaBeforeYou / #Submergent / #KnockOnWoodley

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