5/10 For a movie that has a cool concept (even if it borrows heavily from the “John Wick” series) and takes place in a slightly futuristic setting, what could have been an awesome movie turns out to be a mediocre disappointment. This movie had a lot going for it. The cast is very strong (this is Jodie Foster’s first movie in five years) and Drew Pearce makes his directorial debut after having done some decent writing. What makes this all the more disappointing is probably that the writing is the weakest part of this movie. Besides Jodie Foster’s Nurse, every character is two dimensional and we know little to nothing about them…which makes us care little or nothing for them. Dave Bautista is extremely loyal to the Nurse but we have no idea why and know nothing else about him. Zachary Quinto’s character should have just been called “Daddy Issues” because that is the only thing we know about him. Charlie Day plays the token jerk of the movie. Each supporting character has one trait and that’s it. No backstory or development which makes for really poorly written characters. There are also elements of the film that look cool but serve no purpose or make no sense. They are for the audience but wouldn’t make sense if they happened in the world in which the film is taking place. For example, characters wear masks during an opening bank robbery to conceal their identities. Yet in plain sight, a character takes his mask off for no other reason than to show the audience who he is. Another scene has the Nurse putting on a record on her record player but then immediately exiting the room. She has an iPod type device but it is in no way connected to that record player so showing a record player and having that song play on the soundtrack seems cool until you realize that a person wouldn’t put on a record as they exit their room. Glaringly obvious moments like those hold the movie back. There are some redeeming qualities to be had, however. Despite not working with a solid script, the actors overall do a fine job. The fight choreography is fun to watch and due to its short run time, the movie has great pacing that flies by. Visually the movie works and the soundtrack is pretty decent. This movie could have been so much more but due to its failures I would recommend this as a rental only and tell everyone not to get their hopes up because this hotel is only worth checking into for a very low price.

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