9/10 Hype was high for this film due to its rave reviews (which can often scare me because so many films are overhyped these days) and the fact that it comes from A24, which has a fantastic overall track record with their films. Despite my excitement, this film surpassed all my expectations and so far is the best film of 2018. Every year there seems to be one great horror film (2015’s “It Follows”, 2016’s “The Witch” and 2017’s “It”) and even though it is still just halfway through the year, I think we have found it. What makes this film so great is multiple aspects but mainly the fact that the film doesn’t rely on jump scares. Instead, the creepy tone is set by a subtle but unsettling score, dark and moody cinematography, us as the audience having no idea where the story will go and some very disturbing imagery that will haunt you long after the film has ended. Based off of the film’s trailers I thought the film was about a specific character and would go a certain way but I was completely wrong and was genuinely surprised by what happens in this film. Thank God the trailers didn’t give away what the film is actually about and spoil the surprise for the audience. The film has some great foreshadowing but it isn’t done in an obvious way, so you would really only notice it upon a second viewing. I can’t remember the last film I saw that handled foreshadowing so well. Toni Collette gives an Oscar worthy performance in what is so far easily the best acting of the year amongst male and female performers. Performances often go unlooked in horror films but I hope the Academy remembers this when the Oscar nominations are announced. The range of emotions that Collette expertly amplifies is so impressive that we wonder how she pulls it off. The rest of the cast does an extremely great job too and what makes all of this that much more impressive is that this is writer/director Ari Aster’s first film. I am automatically on board with whatever he decides to do next (his next film starts filming by this year’s end) and await his career with eager anticipation. The story covers a couple minor tropes we have seen before in horror films but they are done in such a refreshing way so we don’t mind at all. The film has a perfect title for what occurs in the film and if you are a fan of horror films, this is a must see. It is definitely very dark, violent and disturbing in parts so it is not meant for the faint of heart but if you have a strong stomach, do yourself a favor and check out what is so far the best film of 2018.

#PaimonItForward / #TreehouseOfHorror / #JoanOfDark / #ThisFilmHasACultFollowing / #DontLoseYourHead / #ManOnFire2

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