8.5/10 The first “Deadpool” film came out of nowhere with its meta, non-stop humor, hard R rating and breath of fresh air quality to it in a landscape oversaturated with superhero films and their inevitable sequels. Although “Deadpool” is now turning into a superhero franchise much like the ones it has mocked, this series is different. The first film, despite the adult humor and over the top violence was actually a love story wrapped in an origin story. It had as much heart as it did humor and I was nervous that this sequel wouldn’t be able to capture that magic now that the shock value of the first film has worn off and we basically know what to expect from this and all future “Deadpool” films. I can gladly say that despite most sequels being rushed into production purely for profit to strike while the iron is hot, “Deadpool 2” is pretty neck and neck in terms of quality with the first film…and that is a great thing. Whereas the first film was centered around a love story, this film is centered around a family drama and accepting a parenting role. It is a surprisingly deep and emotion ride that you don’t even think about because you are too busy laughing or admiring the action sequences and grisly violence. I found this film funnier than the first and even though the opening credits isn’t quite as good as the first film, its James Bond style paired with the theme song was still very impressive. This film has balls in the direction it takes the story right off the bat, has some unexpected twists and turns, does a great job adding to the cast (Josh Brolin is having one Hell of a year) and does a solid job of raising the stakes and making you fear for our protagonists’ safety. The cameos are fantastic, the soundtrack is superb and so very fitting and this is just outright fun to watch. The complaints are relatively minor (the head of the school villain who wants to convert mutants isn’t super memorable and is over the top, there is no Stan Lee cameo after he had an amazing one in the first film and Terry Crews is totally wasted; they should have hired an unknown for his role) but still exist. The market is still oversaturated with superhero films yet this series still finds a way to stay relevant, have a heart, be hilarious and so much fun to watch. If you loved the first “Deadpool” or want a change from the usual superhero films we have grown accustomed to, give “Deadpool 2” a look and you will not be disappointed.

#WadeInManhattan / #TheCableGuy2 / #TheDominoEffect / #ImJustATeenageWarheadBaby / #MayTheXForceBeWithYou / #BloodInMyPool

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