3.5/10 Before I watched this long in development sequel I had to watch the first movie, of which I had only seen bits and pieces before this recent, full viewing. I remember the original being loved in middle/high school and now I can see why. Both of these films are basically for stoners and high schoolers. Any adults with developed brains will see these films for what they are; predictable, low brow, forgettable and disposable. There is a reason Broken Lizard hasn’t been able to consistently make comedies. Most of their comedies either aren’t very funny (the “Super Troopers” movies) or bomb at the box office (“Club Dread”) with a rare occasion where they actually make one decent movie (“Beerfest”). Although I admit that you probably have to be a drinker to get a bit out of “Beerfest” just like you will get a lot more out of the “Super Troopers” films if you are a pothead. My thoughts on Broken Lizard aside, this movie is just dumb. The only positives are that there are a couple lines that are clever and provide a decent chuckle and the cameos they have are very solid. I love that they were able to bring back the entire cast of the first film, even if a couple of the characters (Ursula, the female cop and main love interest in the first movie) have absolutely nothing to do. They even expanded the cast without the movie feeling too overcrowded. Besides a couple laughs and the cast, the rest of this movie is tired and juvenile. A film can get away with being ridiculous and stupid if it is hilarious and/or has some heart to it (i.e.- “Step Brothers”). This movie is not hilarious and doesn’t have any real heart to it so it just comes off as stupid and ludacris. The plot is very thin and predictable, the situations painfully over the top, the chemistry lacking, the quality of jokes lackluster, the special effects low budget and cheesy and the movie overall very throwaway and in no way memorable. So if you loved the first film because of the nostalgic factor for when high school humor was hilarious or are still the same raging pothead you were in high school then you may get a lot out of this. For everyone else who likes their comedy with some actual wit and heart, puff, puff, pass on this reefer sadness.

#PassOnThisJay / #NoEhForEffort / #TheLoonyGoons / #PoutineAgedWasteland / #MonsterCanucks / #MountieHunters / #TheEhTeam

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