8.5/10 Steven Spielberg hasn’t had a summer blockbuster type film since 2008 with the last Indiana Jones film, a decade ago. Spielberg hasn’t had a decent summer blockbuster since “Minority Report” all the way back in 2002. He has made a lot of great films since then but they have all been serious dramas or Oscar type films. He is coming off of the massively disappointing “The Post” so I was skeptical but excited for this film. After having seen the film I can proudly say that so far, this is the best film of 2018. I feared it was just a film that would play purely off of nostalgia or be too CGI heavy but my doubts were put at ease. Nostalgia plays a huge role in the film but not in a manipulative way. It adds to the emotion and the escapism that the film provides. Since a large part of the film takes place inside of a video game world, anything is possible and the nostalgia of yesteryear is an essential break from the current, cruel world in this universe. The film is CGI heavy but the CGI takes place in the video game world, which like video games, are CGI, so it is very fitting. The cast does a great job and even though Ben Mendelsohn can be slightly over the top at times, everyone is still bringing their A game for Mr. Spielberg. The aforementioned CGI and visuals are truly stunning and a race/chase sequence in particular will stick with me for a long time. The choreography of that scene is so well done and the pacing doesn’t miss a beat. I have heard the film strays a lot from the book upon which it is based so purists of the novel may be disappointed. As someone whom hasn’t read the novel though and therefore has no qualms with any changes made, I was very pleased with how this film turned out. Escapism is one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with film in the first place and if there is a fun, high energy, surprisingly overachieving, nostalgia providing, well scored/soundtracked film to help you escape from your current troubles, “Ready Player One” is the film you have been waiting for.

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