7.5/10 I have to give “A Quiet Place” a lot of credit for having one of the best openings and closings in a movie in recent memory. Some films have great openings, some great closings, but rarely a combination of the two. Both the opening and closing of this film are very ballsy and that is rare to come from a major film studio. This film also has some of the best sound editing I have ever heard and I really hope it’s remembered come Oscar season at the end of the year. Early on in the film I thought there was a problem with the sound until I realized what the film makers were doing and it really is genius. The story is also very original and as a director, John Krasinski shows a lot of restraint and maturity for having this be only the third film he has directed (his second film, “The Hollars” was underrated and worth a look). I like that Krasinski has mixed it up and not gotten bogged down in the same genre with each film he has directed. It is easy to get typecast even as a director but Krasinski shows off his directing range with his best film so far. Casting your wife as the lead actress can always complicate things when you become the boss to your spouse but it pays off well here because Emily Blunt gives a terrific performance. Despite minimal dialogue, this films builds tension so well and sets up this post-apocalyptic universe expertly without getting into clunky exposition or over explanations. The cast is minimal but everyone does a solid job and although it is hard to find solid child actors, the ones in this film put in great work. The film is not without its flaws however. There are a few key questions (some involving other survivors) left totally unanswered which would have been nice to have gotten some explanations on. The biggest flaw is that the film showcases how important family is and the parents protecting the kids and keeping everyone safe, yet our two adult leads decide to have a baby, something that is easily preventable (with the population almost all gone, condoms and birth control would easily be able to be found in a wide variety of places) and basically a death sentence to a crying baby and the surrounding family. Some really dumb character decisions aside (one death at the end was also preventable and felt a little forced), this is an overall very solid film and makes me more excited to see Krasinski as a director than an actor. Keep quiet when you watch this film but be sure to check it out.

#AllQuietOnTheWesternBlunt / #MusicByDefJam / #DontHollar / #SignLanguageYourOwnDeathWarrant / #HearingAidingAndAbetting / #LetsHearItForTheToy

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