3/10 Well…this is acca-awkward. “Pitch Perfect” is legitimately one of my favorite movies. I can rewatch it continuously without growing bored or tired of it due to its amazing soundtrack, fun performances, clever one-liners and emotional connections. The sequel, although not as good I still really enjoyed and had a great time with and I strongly recommend the first two films. This third movie, which I pray is the last one, is a disaster in comparison. Sequels often think by going bigger and upping the scope and scale that that will make the movie better. They are sadly mistaken due to the fact that quality is not determined by scale or scope. What made the first film so surprisingly great was the small scale, realistic (for the most part) setting, keeping things simple and letting the character arcs/development do the work. Here we have a movie where 98% of the jokes fall flat (I laughed out loud once), it tries to be a James Bond movie by doing some globetrotting and having Fat Amy beating the crap out of several muscular, heavily armed/trained bodyguards. To say my eyes were rolling to the back of my head would be an understatement. They took out the two main love interests from the first films (Jesse and Bumper) and replace them with two dimensional, boring guys who lack of personality or memorability. The music was by far the weakest and after having owned the first two films’ soundtracks, I don’t think this one is worth buying. The tone has just completely shifted with this movie and you can tell it was rushed out for profit as opposed to getting the movie right. It is easy to see why Elizabeth Banks, whom directed the second installment, dropped out of directing the third one. Genuinely great actors like Anna Kendrick and John Lithgow deserve way better than this and the script/material is so beneath them it is rather embarrassing. Even the editing during some of the performances is really sloppily cut and feels made for basic cable TV. The only positives I can say is that due to the quick pace, the film moves by quickly, some characters are still lovable (although they turned Fat Amy into Mater from the “Cars” franchise, great in small doses but when overused, just annoying), some of the music works and it seems like this is the last one in the trilogy. The best moments of the movie are elements that are repeated from the first two films as all the new ideas fall painfully flat. Rewatch the first two and acca-avoid this dud.

#ChasingFatAmy / #TheTrilogyKiller / #PutAPitchForkInIt / #YachtDownInFlames / #USOUnsatisfactorySadOverkill / #AccaAbomination

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