9/10 Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson often takes long stretches of time in between projects and when he does make a film, the films are definitely not mainstream and are more loved by critics than by audiences. In some cases, this could mean he is overrated but I agree with the critics when it comes to PTA. “Phantom Thread” is definitely not a mainstream film for mainstream audiences. It is pretty long, some people may find it dry or boring (although I didn’t) and even the subject matter may not thrill your average movie goer. So as much as this may not appeal to you or many people, I really enjoyed this film and thought it was a great comeback after PTA’s last film “Inherent Vice” which I thought was his weakest effort. This is Daniel Day-Lewis in his last performance and knowing he is retiring breaks my heart because he is probably the greatest living actor we have. He crushes his role, as we expect him to, but the real stand out is love interest and female protagonist Vicky Krieps, whom has only had small roles up until this point but is given a lot of screen time and is fantastic. I think she was robbed of at least an acting nomination for her performance. So the acting is top notch, the screen play engaged me and paired with the editing didn’t make the run time seem so long. There is some beautiful cinematography on display but out of all the production elements, the one I have to talk about most is the score by Jonny Greenwood. Greenwood has been scoring PTA films for a decade now but provides not only his most beautiful score in all of their collaborations but he provides the best score of 2017. “The Shape of Water” had a beautiful score that was one of the best of the year but it did not deserve the Oscar it won for Best Original Score over this. A lot of scores are great IN the movie while you watch them but then you go home and listen to them on their own and they don’t really work when they aren’t paired with the film. This score works perfectly in the film and you can throw it on while you are driving, doing homework, getting the kids to sleep, etc. Even though the subject matter (a dressmaker and his love affairs) didn’t appeal to me, PTA and the cast and crew were able to take the subject matter and make it interesting for the audience. PTA is such a talented director that he can build more tension and get me on the edge of my seat just from someone eating or not eating some food in a scene than most directors can when there is actual action happening. This film will not be for a lot of people, but for those of you whom give it a shot and broaden your horizons a bit, I think you will be happy you took the time to watch this unorthodox love story.

#FashionOfTheEnticed / #NotMushroomForImprovement / #AlmaSpotter / #TheWoodcockDressMonster / #CursesLikeATailor / #TheyCallMePhantomRanchCuzIBeDressing

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