6.5/10 I wish this movie would have been released before Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” since chronologically, the vast majority of this story comes first and then it would have been nice to lead into the events of the evacuation as seen in Nolan’s film. Nevertheless, having seen both movies now I can appreciate that they act as companion pieces to each other and are both helmed by British directors. Although Nolan’s film is superior, there are elements in this movie to enjoy. This movie starts rather slow and since you don’t know who certain characters are the first few times you see them, it takes some time to get interested in what is going on. Once you do figure out who is who and what the stakes are, the movie vastly improves. This movie is basically all dialogue driven and in that regard it excels. The dialogue is fantastic and historically accurate but the negative side to the script is character development. I realize that this film is basically all about Churchill and I like that it doesn’t feel the need to cover his whole life’s story but instead focus on a particular period of time in it. In showing Churchill for who he was we really get a good feel of his character. The negative however is that almost every other character in the film don’t do much except support Churchill. They don’t have their own story arcs or a little of emotion to them. I wish they could have spiced up some of the supporting characters and developed them more. That having been said, the acting is phenomenal, particularly Gary Oldman as Churchill. This is his Oscar to lose and it is pretty baffling that Oldman has only been nominated once in his career (for “Tinker Tailor Solider Spy”) and never won. Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn and Kristin Scott Thomas all give terrific performances in their limited roles and it is nice seeing Mendelsohn not playing a villain for once. The production design and costume designs do excellent work of recreating the time period of the 1940s. The cinematography didn’t do a ton for me since they repeated a lot of the bird’s eye view shots too many times but the good, not great score made up where the cinematography lacked. If you want to see Oldman’s career defining performance or are a huge history buff, then I suggest checking this out. Otherwise, stick to the superior “Dunkirk.”

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