10/10 I have been a fan of Aaron Sorkin for as long as I have been a fan of film. Before this movie, I would have said that Sorkin is the best writer in Hollywood who exclusively writes (not directs). He has written “A Few Good Men”, “The Social Network”, “Steve Jobs” and now writes and makes his directorial debut with “Molly’s Game”. At the time of writing this I am shocked but pleasantly surprised to say that this is the best film of 2017 (I only have a few more left to watch before the Oscars). The true story behind this makes for some fascinating subject matter and therefore the plot is very engaging. The performances across the board are fantastic but obviously Jessica Chastain kills this in a role that was made for her. Idris Elba also gives one of, if not his best performance to date. The production value is extremely high and the music and cinematography get their jobs done and then some. I was curious as to what kind of a director Sorkin would be since I knew he was such an amazing writer. Well he directs as well as he writes. He has made his editing just like his writing…lightning fast in a lot of areas. His characters say a lot but he has some of the best pacing with his films out of anyone working in Hollywood today. This film had me hooked from the opening scene’s narration and never let up. Characters are well developed and even though the film is almost two and a half hours, it doesn’t feel like it. The script gives the actors some great speeches and emotionally impactful moments to really shine. Speaking of emotions, this film had me laughing in a couple areas and I even cried in one of the film’s best scenes with Jessica Chastain and Kevin Costner having a father/daughter moment. Even though I know about as much about poker as the Pope knows about sex, the film educates you in an interesting way with witty narration that gets exposition through in such a fun way that is pleasing to the eye. The editing helps out in that regard as well. This film is equal parts fun, fascinating, happy, sad, interesting, etc. I cannot recommend this film enough and if you are a fan of terrific performances, incredible writing and great directorial debuts, check out what I believe to be the best film of 2017.

#PoppinMolly / #BloomAndDoom / #TheSkiOfLife / #BlouseOfCards / #SorkinOverCalifornia / #ForTheLoveOfTheGame2

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