9/10 For those of you whom love laughing at awful movies like “Sharknado”, “Trolls 2”, “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” or anything from “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, then you have to check out the best worst movie of all time…”The Room”. I can’t add anything new that hasn’t already been said about the movie but it is truly quite baffling at how amazingly awful it is. When paired with some alcohol, get ready to laugh until it hurts. Finding out the true story behind how and why the movie got made is actually a really funny, fascinating and entertaining one and that is the story behind “The Disaster Artist”. James Franco gives one of his best performances and was robbed of an Oscar nomination for his pitch perfect performance of Tommy Wiseau. The entire cast does a great job or portraying their real life counter parts but Franco nails the accent and mannerisms of such an odd character. This is probably the funniest film of 2017 but it also has some heart to it, which makes it stand out over the awful comedies that have plagued most of the year. It is a story about following your dreams, even if your dreams weren’t quite meant to be. Despite not feeling like it, this film is a period piece from the late 1990s and early 2000s and it does a great job of re-creating the era. Don’t let the fact that the era wasn’t that long ago fool you, this still takes a lot of attention to detail. The script is hilarious and revealing and although Franco has always been a talented actor, this is the first time he has truly shined as a director with a singular vision. His past directorial work has seemed pretentious and forgettable, trying to juggle too much at once but here he feels at home and kills it. The recreations of scenes from “The Room” that get played at the end of the film are extremely impressive as the line deliveries and cinematography match up extremely well together. Don’t let any negative publicity around Franco stop you from seeing the best movie he has directed, one of the best films of 2017 and easily the funniest film of the year. Step inside “The Room” and lock yourself in.

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