Stranger Things Season 2 poster CR: Netflix

7.5/10 “Stranger Things” had a lot to live up to going into season 2 and I think it basically matched up with season 1. If you enjoyed the first season like I did, you will also enjoy this one. If the first season wasn’t your cup of tea, this won’t change your mind. After the first two episodes which started pretty slowly and were mainly just establishing the story and introducing new characters, things finally pick up and get interesting. I like that they expanded the cast slightly, but not too much to where it is hard to keep track of everyone. I liked that by the finale all of the characters have a role to play and join forces. The plot for this season entertained me and kept me interested and as I predicted after the first season, the budget got bigger for this season and it definitely shows. The special effects look a lot better and the production design is improved over the first season as well. Like season one, they use the 1980s songs sparingly and to great effect. The score was also solid once again and the dynamic between the characters (particularly the kids) was spot on as well. I like that they expand the universe by introducing us to other characters with powers and I was fine with the controversial seventh episode which slightly detoured from the main cast. The children continue to grow as actors and prove how talented they are. Winona Ryder kind of does the same screaming for her son and being worried shtick that she did in season one so I am hoping they give her more to do in season three (although giving her a love interest this season helped). There are some problems with the season to be found. There are some cheesy moments like in the finale when the kids run into Dart underground and he lets them pass by eating a candy bar. Moments like that made me roll my eyes. Also the fact that with all this crazy stuff happening in the town that more people don’t know what is going on or the government would send military troops in. Even though I didn’t mind the seventh episode, it did slow down the pacing since the sixth episode ended on a cliff hanger. Overall I enjoyed the new season and am still excited to see where they take the plot in the following season since they wrapped things up pretty nicely. With more seasons approaching, at some point you just have to feel bad for these kids for going through all of this crap year after year. Their misery is our enjoyment as the viewer though so keep it coming.

#WhateverHappenedToBabyJane? / #WhereTheresAWillTheresAWay / #LordOfTheStrangerThings / #GetToTheHopper / #HeHadADartAttack / #ShowingMaxEffort

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