7/10 It is one thing to have to wait a year between seasons to come out. The anticipation builds and you yearn for every piece of news about the upcoming season to get you excited. It was how television was always done. Now in the age of streaming once a show like this is completed someone who has never seen it such as myself can watch all 9 seasons back to back to back. The benefit being not having to wait. Well after watching the first season and moving straight onto the second I can honestly say that I still hate laugh tracks but since I have become used to it since I have binge watched the show that they don’t bother me as much this season as they did last season. Sometimes I even forget they are there. But enough about laugh tracks and the benefits of old television styles vs. the streaming of today. HIMYM season 2 is slightly better than the first. It still suffers the same problems of the laugh track, the show not being very funny and some of the hijinks being completely over the top and unrealistically ridiculous. I have a feeling that every season I review that those critiques will not go away. That being said, like the first season, I still really enjoy watching this show and it has grown on me even more after watching this season. The show doesn’t play it safe with where they take the characters. Like the end of season 1, season 2 ends on a dual happy and somber note and I like that they had the balls to add the somber side to it. You think some things will go in one direction and then they take it in another direction to surprise you and keep you on your toes. Alyson Hannigan was kind of the weakest actor and Lily was probably my least favorite main character after season 1. Although I still think she is the weakest link, she definitely improved this season. They fleshed out her character a lot with her being separated with Marshall and we got to learn a lot about her, which I really liked. I think Hannigan is growing into the character better and the writers have more to do with her character. All the other main characters stay equally strong from season 1 as we learn more about them. Ted kind of repeats his behaviors so it would be nice to mix things up with him for upcoming seasons but he is still a very likeable character. It is funny to see small character roles from people whom are now famous like Bryan Cranston and Scoot McNairy (whom would later be in “Gone Girl” with Neil Patrick Harris). This season improved slightly on characters, was a bit funnier than the first season, had its writers get into their groove in terms of how to write each character and ended on a great, emotional note. Its familiar flaws may keep this show from greatness but I am sure having fun with these characters while the show continues…

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