5/10 I am one of the few movie buffs who actually defends and likes several of the DC films and am a big fan of Zack Snyder. I had fun with “Suicide Squad” despite its flaws and liked “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” despite a lot of negativity around the film. But as someone who thinks Marvel is overrated and defends DC, you can’t really do much to defend this movie. Half of this movie is good. The fight scenes and visuals look great (with one exception), the pacing goes by quick, they introduce new characters well, Wonder Woman is the best part of the movie and I had an overall enjoyable time watching this. The other half of the movie though is bad. The plot is pretty basic, the villain is so generic and forgettable (and the one exception where the visual effects don’t look good), the Justice League as characters just ill in comparison to the Avengers in terms of their dynamic and personality types, the Flash was not funny at all to me, the underwater fight scenes in Aquaman’s world were muddled and hard to see, etc. Having director Zack Snyder leave and Joss Whedon do a lot of rewrites and reshoots several months back definitely was a problem. Although it still feels like one cohesive movie, the quick quips of Whedon make this not feel like a full Snyder movie and the visual style of Snyder makes this not feel like a full Whedon movie. I think they should have done individual movies for all of the characters first before having them all come together. Despite the destruction of the planet making our heroes come together to fight, the stakes never felt high to me. Maybe because out of everyone in the world they only focused on one family hiding in their home. I liked the idea that they toyed with which was how the world reacts when Superman dies but they don’t address that reaction when he comes back. Also, seeing Superman fight Batman and the good guys felt recycled since we already saw them fight for an entire movie. With the overabundance of superhero films out there today, “Justice League” didn’t do much to stand out on its own and be memorable. Overall 2017 has had very disappointing superhero movies with this, “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. The only exception was the great “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” which if you want to stick to a fun and high quality superhero film, I recommend you watch that instead of this one.

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