1/10 From the opening narration of this God awful movie, when our lead character talks about being a mom, you can clearly tell that two men wrote this script because it is so off base and disingenuous. From there I got 15 minutes into the movie until I mentally told myself that I couldn’t wait for this movie to end. The first “Bad Moms” movie was the 3rd worst film of 2016 and the fact that this came out only one year later shows how rushed and lazily put together it was. I knew this movie would be bad but I truly underestimated how stunningly awful it was. For a comedy that is an hour and 40 minutes, I only chuckled four times (never full on laughter). Three of those times were from the script and one time was because I found it funny how awful the movie was. It got so over the top that I couldn’t help but laugh and wonder how “professionals” got paid to make this abomination. What makes this movie worse than the first is not only is it bad, but it recycles jokes from other movies, recycles plot lines from the first movie to lesser effect, makes characters hard to root for and inconsistent in their actions, again makes the children in the film truly awful, is completely unrealistic and more. The directors repeat their “use slow motion while a hit song plays” gag whenever the moms are acting badly and it isn’t funny or inspired at all. This is some of the laziest directing and worst writing I have seen all year and definitely the worst comedy of the year as well as the worst comedy since…”Bad Moms.” I can’t believe they dragged some of these cast members into this. Clearly they did it for the paycheck but these are career low points for nearly everyone involved. The only shining lights in this movie are Mila Kunis and Peter Gallagher. Despite this horrendous script and therefore no good material to work with, Mila is still able to have select moments where her acting shines through and is way above this material. Gallagher has a scene that probably has the most heart to it and as soon as I saw Sandy Cohen from “The OC” pop up, I knew I would at least love him. Besides those two actors, nothing else in this movie works. Jokes fall flat (repeating phrases you think are funny like “dicking around” or “Isis” aren’t funny the first or eleventh time they are said), reality and logic goes out the window, the grandmas add nothing to the movie, product placement runs rampant, impossibilities aren’t even attempted to have them explained, money falls from trees in this movie as everyone is filthy rich for unexplained reasons and this film did the impossible…nearly made me hate Christmas. Avoid this garbage like it was coal in your stockings.

#CherylOfTheBells / #JingleKristenBells / #IsisClaimsIrresponsibility / #FacingAmy / #HahnWeNowOurGayAPeril / #NationalBuffoonsChristmasCastration

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