5.5/10 No one blindly praises a franchise of films, regardless of their quality quite like Marvel fans (although “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” fans are right up there). This film is widely loved, critically successful and a box office smash…and extremely overrated. Marvel’s biggest problem used to be forgettable, generic villains (which this movie has). Now Marvel’s biggest problem is thinking that this franchise is a comedic one and every film is a laugh out loud comedy romp. “Thor: Ragnarok” doesn’t even stay true to its characters. Go back and watch the first two “Thor” movies and you will see what kind of character Thor is. Then throw that all out the window and turn him into a winking, joking character like everyone else in this movie. His seriousness used to set him apart from the other Avengers but now he might as well be sarcastic Tony Stark or Ant-Man. From the terrible opening scene with Thor slowly spinning around on chains which was painfully unfunny and stupid considering the whole time he was trapped in his cage before he fell from it he could have summoned his hammer at any second, yet instead waited until it was convenient for the plot. The plot is very generic and none of the humor worked for me. I laughed ZERO times in this movie (jokes like “the devil’s anus” would be funny to a middle schooler at best). This movie tried so hard to be “Guardians of the Galaxy” with the humor and vivid colors and it just felt like a cheap imitation (or expensive imitation, rather). Not that this movie was a total loss though. This probably has the best production design, costume design and score out of any Marvel movie that not only set it apart from other Marvel films but were also Oscar level quality. The action and fight scenes were amazing in terms of actual choreography and visual style. In fact, the visuals were the best part of this movie. The special effects looked great and the world building they did for some of the new planets were so detailed and stunning. The pacing was great too and despite being a cookie cutter villain, Cate Blanchett elevated a mediocre character by giving a great performance. So there are definitely things to love and be impressed by in the movie and then something happens like Karl Urban has two M16 assault rifles that hold maximum 30 bullets and he has unlimited ammo near the end of the film that made me roll my eyes. Or Thor in the opening scene not knowing what Ragnarok is (which is total BS and was only there for exposition for the audience) but he knew what a tiara was so he could make a lame joke at the villain he was currently fighting. Or the fact that they so poorly got rid of one of the most important Thor characters, Odin, in such a forced, anticlimactic way that felt slapped on last minute. Or the celebrity cameos that may be slightly amusing but that totally took me out of the movie. The more I think about this movie the less I like it. Most people will turn off their brains and have fun with it but to ignore its massive flaws and how mediocre this is would mean you all need to take those fanboy goggles off and start comparing DC and Marvel films with the same level of scrutiny.

#AsgardiansOfTheGalaxy / #YouveBeenThunderstruck / #ThorribleAttemptAtComedy / #BruceBanter / #HittingRagnarokBottom / #FightOfTheValkyries

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