2.5/10 Despite having the word “Happy” in the title, there is nothing to smile about in this garbage excuse for a movie. Essentially taking “Groundhogs Day” and putting a horror twist on it, “Happy Death Day” has a girl get murdered every night, only to wake up the next day starting the previous day over again. She has to find out who her killer is and stop her murder from continuing. First off our main female protagonist is extremely unlikable. They make her a bitch for 90% of the movie and then try to redeem her at the end which I didn’t buy. The emotional scene with her father has no weight to it and feels tacky. There are so many things that are either lazy clichés (the sorority sisters – Danielle in particular), make no sense (hospitals have backup generators and wouldn’t experience a blackout that a dorm room would) or are just stupid (she could have gotten a gun on ANY DAY to prevent her from getting murdered but never does). There is a moment when the lights go out while she is on the floor surrounded by broken glass and when they come back on she is in a different place standing up but she didn’t make a single sound from standing up, walking on the broken glass and moving around….uh, no. Moments like this may seem minor but they insult the audience’s intelligence. This movie also tries to add a bit of comedy into it but I only chuckled twice so it fails as a comedy. As a horror film it is PG-13, has no creative kills and uses one jump scare so it also fails as a horror movie. Even when she wakes up for the third time, she is much more rushed leaving the dorm room than the first two times yet the Asian roommate still shows up at the exact same time when in reality he shouldn’t have reached the room yet. The killer also never takes off his mask during all these repeated days until the movie wants us to know who the killer is so he suddenly does. The twist at the end as to who the REAL killer is was totally moronic, had no clues leading up to that conclusion and was nonsensical. The more I think about this movie, the worse it gets. It even references “Groundhogs Day,” which is a really bad idea because you are referencing a movie that is superior to your movie in every way and it lets people whom may not know about that film that that’s the film you are ripping off. I will partially give the movie credit for at least trying to put a modern twist on the “Groundhogs Day” type film, even though it fails. The Universal Studios logo at the beginning of the film was clever and at just over an hour and a half, the film has good pacing and doesn’t drag. All that being said though, you better hope and pray that you don’t get this movie as a gift for your birthday. It just might be the death of you.

#GroundhogsSlay / #LiveDieRepeat / #CrappaSigmaDi / #Treetarded / #AmericanDie / #SisterDeeds

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