4.5/10 When your director says before the movie even comes out that they didn’t shoot 10%-15% of the script…you know you are in for some trouble. “The Snowman” had so much potential and was my 14th most anticipated film of 2017. It was originally a vehicle for Martin Scorsese to direct. Even though he didn’t end up directing it, it has Scorsese executive producing, my tied for favorite actor Michael Fassbender starring, Tomas Alfredson (“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”) directing and based off an acclaimed novel for the subject material. What more could a movie fan want? Well finishing filming would be a start. I have no idea why they didn’t film the entire script but it definitely shows and really hurts the overall movie. The movie has a giant subplot about the city of Oslo being up for a Winter Olympics bid (thrilling stuff) and J.K. Simmon’s character plays a big role in that subplot. You could tell though that his character’s subplot and resolution were part of the unfilmed material because he disappears from the film and never returns and the audience is left to wonder where he went and how that plot point got resolved. He takes some pictures of different women in the film in an almost sinister way and it is never explained why. The movie isn’t suspenseful or scary and the mystery is rather dull. The ending is boring and very anti-climactic. The lead’s name from the novel that for some reason they didn’t change for the film adaptation is Detective Harry Hole (laugh reacts only!). There are a few redeeming qualities to be found, however. Martin Scorsese’s editor, Thelma Schoonmaker co-edited here and did a fine job editing with the 85% of the movie that was filmed. The cinematography and lavish landscapes were also hauntingly beautiful. The highlight would probably be the acting. Fassbender continues to elevate everything he is in, even the bad stuff like this. You can always count on him to be a shining light in a movie that might otherwise be a waste of time. It is too bad because he is way above this material but I am sure he thought it had the potential to be great like we all did. I wonder what could have been if Scorsese had directed or if they would have filmed the entire script. Instead they try to set up for a sequel that will never happen because of what a missed opportunity this was. Stick to building actual snowmen because that is far more enjoyable than this mess of a movie that will leave you feeling cold.

#TheGreatestSnowman / #OsloweringTheBar / #YoureABlizzardHarry / #SnowJob / #HarryPlotHole / #SnowCrapped

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