7/10 Much like “The Darkest Hour” is a companion piece to “Dunkirk” this year, this film is a companion piece to this summer’s “Wonder Woman” film, which I quite enjoyed. This is the true story about the man who created Wonder Woman, his wife, their lover and everything they went through. Just from a plot perspective this is a fascinating tale. Professor Marston and his wife co-created the lie detector test yet didn’t patent it because Marston believed that everyone should benefit from science. Their lie detector test was morphed into the “lasso of truth” for his Wonder Woman comics. So there is just a lot of interesting information that this film dives into, while also dealing with their sexual lives, which were extremely taboo at the time (some aspects still are). In addition to a fascinating plot, the recreation of the respective time period is expertly crafted through fantastic production design and costume design. There is a strong emotional pull in the film that gets you to care about our protagonists due to solid character development. The actors all do a great job with both Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall (whom I believe to be underrated) showcasing their talent and the far less famous Bella Heathcote holding her own and proving she is ready for the big time. The flash back/forward narrative structure works well without distracting or jolting audiences, which I appreciated. It adds another layer to the film instead of just going in a linear format like the average film would. The screenplay was over all strong and the pacing was perfect to where the audience never grows bored. There are a few complaints I had however. First off, we do hit several of the familiar beats that biopics have hit before. Some of the messages of discrimination in the film are well intentioned but very heavy handed. There are a couple clichés here and there and the direction felt very vanilla to me. That having been said though, if you have an interest in history, are a fan of Wonder Woman or just like some good performances in a solid movie, then check this out. There is some graphic sexual content but if that doesn’t bother you then you should lasso this film when you get the chance.

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