7.5/10 As the films of Jason Bourne and James Bond have gotten more serious over time (in response to the over the top silliness of the later Brosnan Bond films), the “Kingsman” films have been the opposite head of the spy coin. They embrace the silly, the over the top, the fun of early Bond films, before they became as serious as they are today. Both are good to have in my opinion. The first “Kingsman” was a great, unexpected surprise with a solid cast, a fun soundtrack and a clever script. The team behind the first film is back and although it doesn’t quite live up to the first film, it is still some of the most fun I have had in a movie theater this year. I like the both films’ plots tackle very topical issues. Over population/climate change in the first film and the legalization/morality of drugs in this new one. If they make a third film to close out the trilogy I will be curious to see what the plot is for the next one. So despite being over the top, I appreciated the plot, I love how they expanded things and brought it to America, the additions to the cast are great (even if Tatum is neutered for most of the film) and there is some heart to the film, which was great. The soundtrack was (mostly) very well done and made the fight scenes fun and Elton John steals the show as he is probably the funniest part of this film. Some negatives can definitely be found though. Sometimes you can go TOO over the top and this film does just that in a couple of scenes (particularly the opening action sequence). Although most of the music that played was very solid, the end fight scene song did not work for me. Speaking of music, after “Alien: Covenant” and “Logan Lucky”, this continues making 2017 the year of John Denver in films. Who saw that coming? Anyway, some of the special effects looked great but others looked pretty fake and cheesy (the shot of everyone in cages in the stadium being one example). Also the fact that a spy organization can be so easily hacked and has all of their information on one driver/server is pretty ridiculous and would never happen. Also, there is a sexual moment that happens with a girl at a music festival that was very forced and only put in the film to create tension between Eggsy and his girlfriend. Julianne Moore’s villain was also pretty generic, never did anything herself and was a step down from Samuel L. Jackson in the first film. Despite its flaws, there is still a lot of fun to be had and I do recommend seeing this film. Just don’t expect it to capture that magic of the first film.

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