7.5/10 After the trailer didn’t entirely sell me on the film due to it kind of looking like a “hillbilly” film, I was a little skeptical about seeing this. What did entice me, besides the excellent cast, was director Steven Soderbergh, whom had previously announced his retirement from directing films. Well I am glad he changed his mind and I hope he doesn’t stop. “Logan Lucky” takes the heist genre, which Soderbergh has directed before (the Oceans trilogy) and puts this southern twist on it. What was refreshing to me was despite how dumb some of the characters sounded, they were actually extremely intelligent and the heist that they planned out was well thought out. Of course, no heist is without its kinks that pop up and this one is no exception. The plot worked for me and it is nice to see more original films like this. The cast delivers and you can tell they are all having a fun time. Daniel Craig playing against type works very well and Channing Tatum continues to prove he is more than just a pretty face. Adam Driver also continues his hot streak. The film isn’t as funny as some reviews claimed it to be but it does have some moments that will make you get a big old grin on your face. The biggest strength the film has going for it is definitely its heart. In particular, the relationship Channing Tatum’s character has with his daughter. Any struggle he goes through you really feel for because you know it will impact his daughter, who is totally adorable and the child actress who plays her does a great job. The ending is also a little unconventional and even leaves some things a little open ended, which I really liked. The production elements from cinematography to editing to production and costume design were top notch, as per usual with Soderbergh. The supporting cast did a great job supporting the main characters and balancing them out. I was afraid they might use too much country music in the soundtrack (I’m not a fan of country music) but they used just the right amount to set the tone without overdoing it. Despite not being the most memorable or funny film out there, the twist on the genre in addition to a solid cast and most importantly, a lot of heart creates the perfect ingredients to make a fun film for everybody, hillbilly or otherwise.

#InNASCARcerated / #AdamNascarDriver / #LetsGiveTheBoyAHand / #JamesBlonde / #HandJob / #StealOrNoSteal

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