4/10 The last film in this franchise, “Minions” I had as my #5 worst movie of 2015. What made that all the more disappointing was that the first two “Despicable Me” movies were both pretty solid and enjoyable for both kids and adults alike. So I was really hoping after the abysmal “Minions” that the series would be on the upswing again. Although this third entry in the series is definitely better than “Minions”, it is still not half as good as the first two “Despicable Me” movies and one of the most forgettable films I have seen in recent memory. I will give the film credit for once again doing a great job with its voice cast (Trey Parker is always a welcome addition). Everyone who comes back does an excellent job with their characters and the new voices add a layer to the movie. The animation itself also looks crisp and colorful and is therefore pleasing to the eye (the kiddos will eat it up). The plot was very mediocre so I can’t hit on it too much because it wasn’t bad but I also can’t praise the plot because it wasn’t very inspired either. In addition to the mediocre plot and the fact that the movie is so forgettable, many other problems arise. The potty humor in the film isn’t funny at all (I didn’t laugh once while watching the movie), the movie is predictable, the moments that try to get emotional and tug on your heartstrings feel cheap and hollow, characters start to become annoying and wear you down over time, etc. Pharrell had his hit song “Happy” from “Despicable Me 2.” They brought him back to make a bunch of original songs for this sequel. A good idea in theory, but unfortunately he provides one mediocre song and the rest are absolutely throwaway that you won’t remember when you walk out of the theater. The 1980s songs that they licensed for the movie are great songs, but used with no finesse. They just took a Greatest Songs of the 1980s album and threw it into the movie, which takes no talent or skill. Even though this is a kids’ movie, too many things were so over the top that I had to roll my eyes. Most kids will probably enjoy this (as well as anything with the minions) but if you are an adult, do yourself a favor and stick to the first two movies in this once enjoyable franchise that is now becoming…despicable.

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