7/10 Edgar Wright is one of my favorite film makers working today. I would put him in the top three best comedy directors working today (along with Adam McKay and Judd Apatow) and this film was my 7th most anticipated film of 2017. The last several Edgar Wright films made my Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of the Year List, based directly on the fact that Wright was directing those films. So as much as I recommend this film and believe it to be a good film worth seeing, I am slightly saddened and disappointed that this film wasn’t great and was a bit of a letdown for the high hopes that I had in it. A 7 out of 10 is nothing to scoff at, but when you have a director as talented as Wright, I just expect more than this. Before I jump into some of the negatives I do have to give credit where credit is due. This is probably the best edited film of the year (so far). The action and car chases are fun and more realistic then say the ridiculousness of the “Fast & Furious” franchise, which was a breath of fresh air. The film is entertaining and memorable with the soundtrack being a (mostly) positive aspect (more on the negative aspect later). The movie is extremely well casted and I was glad they didn’t neuter this film by forcing a PG-13 rating onto it. There was also some decent humor with a couple funny one liners and I enjoyed the realistic ending. All of those positives adds up to make a good movie that is worth the price of admission. However, let’s talk about the negatives that a lot of people refuse to acknowledge because they are blinded by the “cool factor” of the film. Out of all of Wright’s films, this film probably has the least character development and the most two dimensional characters. Baby and Kevin Spacey’s characters are pretty well done but none of the supporting characters have much personality and worst of all, Baby’s love interest is literally only there to check the “female love interest” box. She blindly falls for Baby, despite knowing almost nothing about him except he is a criminal. There are also some huge coincidences and ridiculously over the top moments. Baby and the team are all driving and out of the entire city, Jaime Foxx’s character just so happens to get hungry at the exact moment when they drive by the diner that Baby’s love interest works at. The timing of his hunger, location of where they were at when his hunger struck and the fact that she so happened to be working was just too big of a coincidence to ignore. Another ridiculous moment happens when Baby and his team go to rob a bank. A Marine is in his truck outside the bank and when he realizes the bank is being robbed, decides to be a hero and chase after them. He even has a hand gun that he fires at them. All of that is believable. What is not believable is the fact that the Marine then pulls a MACHINE GUN from his passenger seat and starts firing at them. Because we all know whenever the average person goes to the bank, they are sure to have a machine gun on them. Uh…no. A character near the end who has been very smart throughout the whole movie has a speeding car coming at him and although he has plenty of time to move and get out of the way, he doesn’t because the script calls for the character to do something stupid and out of character. Baby, who is a flawless driver for almost all of the film suddenly becomes a poor driver who hits parked cars near the end of the film…also, because the script calls for him to, not because the character actually would. Another thing is that they make Baby out to be such a nice guy who doesn’t want to hurt anybody and is only in the getaway driving business because he is forced to but they explain that he was stealing from Kevin Spacey’s character and then Kevin Spacey basically blackmails him into working for him. So despite being made out to be a good guy, he was a thief and it was never explained how he got into stealing or getaway driving. After what happened to his parents, you would think he would be afraid of or want to avoid cars. I mentioned the music was a mostly positive aspect of the film but also somewhat negative. It was negative in the fact that it has over 40 songs on the soundtrack but the majority of the songs are only played for such a short period of time that by the time you start getting into them, they end. I would have rather had fewer songs that they played more of then tons of songs that we only get snippets of. None of the songs also stood out as memorable, that I can relate back to the film. If it sounds like I am being harsh on this film, I am not trying to be. This film could have just been so much better with some more time spent on the script. It is rare for a movie to truly be cool these days and I give it a lot of credit for that. Its production values are top notch and overall it is still a good movie that you should see. Just don’t expect anything great and realize that Edgar Wright is capable of much more than this. Here’s to hoping he spends a little more time properly writing his next film. Now onto a special “Songs with the word “Baby” in them changed slightly” hashtag edition…

#BabyDontForgetMyVinNumber / #BabyGotHatchBack / #BabyGrandCherokee / #BurnoutBabyBurnoutDiscoInferno / #RunawayCarBaby / #EngineTroubleWithMyBaby

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