1.5/10 What a summer for comedy this has been…yikes. Following the disaster that was “Baywatch” I thought it would be hard to get much worse or less funny than that movie but not to be out done, here comes “Rough Night” to steal the show. There is so much wrong with this film but the biggest and most important problem is that it is just flat out not funny at all. For being the lead role, Scarlett Johansson’s character is probably the least funny character and the writers don’t even give her any amusing material to work with. She is mostly playing it straight but then it comes across like she is having no fun. Her character is loosely based off of Hillary Clinton (she even does her best to look like her at the end of the movie) which is probably not a good idea considering Hillary Clinton is one of the most statistically unlikeable people in the country, no matter how much ScarJo likes her. The rest of the cast doesn’t fare well either. Jillian Bell is slowly turning into a female Kevin James/Josh Gadd, Ilana Glazer is a disgusting, unlikeable hippie and Kate McKinnon (who is probably the only lady in the cast I genuinely find funny) is trying way too hard here. Her Australian accent is passable but she goes way over the top with her facial expressions and thinks if she does her best to channel 1990s Jim Carrey that that will equal laughs. It doesn’t. Characters also make some of the dumbest decisions I have seen grown ass adults make in a long time. Is this a horror movie with teenagers? Because you people are acting a fool! The plot is nothing original and also totally ludicrous. This movie also pushes the gay agenda one minute and then turns around and degrades gays with awful stereotypes minutes later, which sends very mixed messages. Parts of this movie were super predictable or flat out didn’t make sense, nothing was realistic in any way, shape or form and it was just painful to get through. I think the only decent part of the movie was sadly the male counterparts and their shenanigans, which seems wrong since this is a female driven movie but I can’t help it that the writers gave the men the best parts (what little there was). This movie didn’t last too long in theaters and got terrible reviews and it is very easy to see why. If you don’t want to have a rough night, do yourself a favor and skip “Rough Night.”

#RoughNightOfTheLivingDread / #DumbBroadCity / #SaturdayRoughNightLive / #TheRoughNightBefore / #LostInFrustration / #MagicDyke

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