8/10 Despite everyone hopping on the “We hate DC films/Marvel >DC” bandwagon, I have a soft spot in my heart for recent DC films. Maybe it is because I don’t see each studio as being in a competition, I believe you can love both equally. I admit Suicide Squad and Batman vs. (I refuse to just use the “v”) Superman had problems, but I found them quite enjoyable movies and I enjoyed their darker tones. Well now regardless about how you have felt about past DC films, I think we can all agree that Wonder Woman kicks some serious ass. I hate to pull the gender card (or race card or any card) but I will say it is nice to have a badass woman killing it on the big screen along the likes of amazing female characters from films like Terminator 2, Kill Bill, Aliens, etc. Superhero movies are becoming oversaturated and really have to do a great deal to set themselves apart so they all don’t start to blend in. Wonder Woman does just that. Gal Gadot finally has a role worthy of her talents after small parts in the Fast & Furious franchise and a solid but all too brief role in Batman vs. Superman. She brings a humanity along with her strength that is very admirable and has great screen presence. The rest of the actors do a fine job with their characters as well. The production values are great from the fight choreography, the visual effects, the production and costume designs of recreating its respective time period and its cinematography. The villain is both a pro and a con in this movie. On the plus side, they do a great job of making the audience guess at who the villain is, surprising (most of) us when it is finally revealed. On the negative side, because we don’t know until late in the game who the villain really is, the villain has no real time to be developed as a character. I was glad there wasn’t as much forced humor as recent Marvel films but the humor they did put in was about 60% miss and 40% hit. Seeing Wonder Woman walk around with a sword in public for a “fish out of water laugh” wasn’t funny and she would have ended up with her being arrested in real life. Also, not sure how many sex/penis jokes they could squeeze in but they definitely reached their limit and then some. Despite some failed attempts at humor, the film has heart and Chris Pine’s arc had an emotional impact. Some supporting characters also didn’t have much personality but the main players did. Overall, this is definitely a step in the right direction for DC and superhero films in general. The action looked great, I loved the period setting and I am already stoked for Wonder Woman 2.

#MyChemicalRomance / #HustonWeHaveAProblem / #DirtyDiana / #ShesTheOnlyOneBuiltLikeAnAmazon / #IslandGirl / #ThisMeansWorldWar

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