Lost City of Z Poster

8/10 A slow burn of a film that takes its time, yet ultimately leaves you satisfied. I forgot that this film is based on a true story until the credits rolled and what a fascinating story it is. The story follows one man’s obsession to find a lost city which devours his life as he puts his conquests over his family (for the most part). The entire cast brings their A game and this is probably the best acting performance I have seen Charlie Hunnam give yet. The production design and costume design in recreating its time period are fantastic and stand out very strongly. Even though his film is almost two and a half hours, as I sat in the theater during the closing credits, I couldn’t think of any fat you could trim to make the film shorter. Every scene serves its purpose and either progresses the story or develops the characters. Some people might find it too long but even though you could feel its run time, it never bored me and I never once glanced at my watch. The film deals with themes of obsession, loyalty, betrayal, destiny and so much more. It may not have a ton of replayability but it will definitely leave you thinking deeper about what you just saw once the film ends. In addition to the scenes out in the jungle, the film balances the main character’s life back at home in the civilized world and even deals with some more political aspects of securing funding for such travels and the people back home whose are fascinated with explorers in a time where there was still a lot of land to discover and many ancient civilizations to unmask. If you don’t mind the run time, I definitely suggest taking a trip to the Lost City of Z.

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